Computer Service is no more a hassle

In the late 90s, owning a computer was a luxury. Only one in ten homes had a computer that to a desktop. A large gadget that would take one-fourth of a space in a room with heavy monitor and CPU attached to it. It demanded a separate table for a monitor and unlike today, only a learned person was allowed to use it. What not we did with that first computer? It was mostly used to write a document, print and to play the games. The computer was treated as the one in the family and a slight damage would faint us.keyboard-621830_640

With the advent of technology, today we have laptops, tablets to i-pads and what not. Purchasing a gadget is just a click away and the price is no more a stopping factor. It’s not hype if it is said that gadgets are controlling the human’s life and emotions. You do not find a single home without a computer and if Buddha was alive today, he would have asked to bring a cardamom from a computer less home. All said and done, we are used to getting everything at our doorstep and all we expect is the convenience.gadgets-1841021_640

We are purchasing a computer online but the companies do not offer you services online if I am true. You’ll have to walk to the service station or you need to pay to double to get the service engineer to home. Nowadays, maintaining the computer in its good condition is a worry as it is open for access to everyone including children. On the other hand, usage of unlicensed software, transfer of files without security and the rough usage slow down the computer which demands the service often.ecommerce-1706103_640

Usually, as a typical Indian, we slightly think on a budget and we tend to go for unprofessional engineers nearby home. In most cases, these so called engineers end up in solving the problem on a temporary basis but unknowingly they will misplace the parts and you’ll get to know about it only from the other engineer.

To make your life easier, a start-up called is offering doorstep computer and laptop service. Here, you can get connected to the professional engineers who visits your doorstep and does the service at home. The best part is from beginning to end, people from Bro4u monitors your service and ensure that your computer is properly attended without any parts being exchanged. As an e-commerce portal, you can enjoy the advantage of amazing discounts on every order. So, just choose your locality, find the service providers nearby your locality, compare prices, go through the customer review and book one. Rest will be taken care by Bro4u.

Convenience matters and in the startup arena, being a customer is a privilege.Bro4u also offers 50+ home service which includes Pest control, Appliance repair,Laundry services and so on.


Laundry tricks of a roommate

With a dream to start a career in advertising, I came to Bangalore in 2015 and with no home in the town; I had to stay in my uncle’s home which was on the outskirts of the city. My daily activity would be to visit the ad agencies for an interview and cracking a copy test given in the agency. With god’s grace when I got a job in Indiranagar, I had to hire a home as I could not travel to office from uncle’s house. There I found, a roommate Mithun who was my MBA mate in Mangalore.

We both shared a single BHK home in Koramangala and life was smooth. We both used to return to home at evening and twice in a week we used to clean our home and being lazy we had appointed a person to wash our clothes and for ironing, we were sparing time. The laundry person whom we had appointed became friendly to us with time and we managed to give him loads of clothes for the lesser price. He used to yell but did the work promptly. This went for few months till he left the job for some personal reasons. Both of us were busy at work and one week, clothes piled up to loads and it’s time for us to screw our weekend for laundry. Being bachelors we could not afford local, unprofessional laundry for a higher price and started washing clothes on our own. Until a couple of weeks, it was fine but later on laundry turned to be the biggest worry.

Tired of washing clothes, we bought a second-hand washing machine and started using it for few days but we didn’t found any solution for ironing. As an office going guys, we badly needed to be ironed clothes to wear but we doing ironing on our own seemed tedious and at the same time, it was amateur.


We were waiting for an opportunity wherein we find a way to it and as a solution; my roommate discovered an app called Bro4u. Bro4u is a home service app with fifty doorstep home services such has Pest control,house cleaning which also included laundry. He made me download the app and till date, we have never uninstalled the app. Every time, when we had no time for ironing, we go for Bro4u.


At Bro4u, you can book the professional laundry providers nearby your locality. Once booked, a guy comes and pick-up the clothes and deliver it back in 2 days. Out of all the tricks we made, Bro4u is the most convenient to solve our laundry problem.

Pest invites Dengue to home



A clean home is away from diseases and keeping home clean is crucial as the viruses are spreading rapidly in the atmosphere and when ignored may lead to severe threats like Dengue and Malaria. Dengue is a viral fever that shrinks one’s body by sucking all the energy making the person weak and even to a death. Malaria is a mosquito-borne disease causes viral fever, cough, and several other syndromes to an extent that people lost their life to it. How do they spread? It is all because of the entry of dangerous pests in the home.

Pests include cockroach, rat, mosquito, bed bug and even a lizard which are hazardous to life. These enter the kitchen, living rooms and spit on the food that we eat which eventually invites disease like Dengue and Malaria. As these diseases spread, an ill person in a home makes everyone ill making a home the hospital ward. The disease starts with a small cough and then increase in the body temperature and fever to unfortunate death. It so happened once in my friend’s house those cockroaches were filled in and they did not do anything for them and they eventually made their family and one day, the kitchen was full of cockroaches.

These pests have to be taken care well with effective pest control methods. Precautionary measures like using poison bread in the kitchen or closing doors in the evening to a spray will help. These are again temporary measures and within no time, pests will increase causing problems in the home. Hence it is recommended to go for professional pest control and methods to permanently get rid of the insects to keep the family safe with health and prosperity.

In a city like Bangalore, finding a trusted pest controller is a hassle and to make life easy, we have an app by name Bro4u. Bro4u offers eco-friendly and chemical free pest control with 45 days of service warranty. Upon request,the trusted service provider visits your home with his team for pest treatment and cleaning process takes 2-3 hours and after minutes of treatment, your home is recommended to clean. The pests will not die with one round of treatment and it is suggested to go for once in three months to get a permanent solution.

Along with Pest control, Bro4u provides home cleaning, packers and movers , CCTV repair and installation CCTV repair and installation , Car wash and other home service to one’s doorstep.

Let Professional Laundry be your choice


Laundry or Dhobi is not today and yesterday’s business but from ages, people are giving clothes for laundry but at that time, the person who does laundry was called as a Dhobi. Doing laundry was a family profession to few and only certain community people used to do this as a business. In few parts of the country, the community was treated as the backward class and were not allowed mingle with the high-class community. All the uncertainties left, these people were professional in their work and so were trusted by the town.

With time travel, dhobi community got mixed up and today there is no space for professionalism in the local laundry. In metros, you’ll find the laundry shops in every nook and corner of the area. Each one charges different rates and so differs in the quality. With lot of alternatives available, as a customer choosing the right one has become a task.

Customer had to try all the options available and finally stick to the best and in the process he could have compromised with the quality or even the loss of clothes. With so many clothes to wash and iron, it is common for a local laundry to misplace the clothes and that ends up in quarrel. With no other options available people were used to local laundries but not from now.

People in the metros are going for professional laundry and with more and more start-ups arising in the e-commerce business; convenience has become an easy thing to experience. From food, products to everything are available at doorstep. Laundry not being an exception can now be availed online where on placing an order; the clothes will be picked up and delivered back in hours.

Unlike local laundry the online start-ups are highly professionals with regard to washing where they use fabric and softeners. Your clothes will be given a high care and dry cleaning happens with the usage of advanced chemicals and equipment’s. Packaging to delivery, the startups are taking the laundry to the urge of comfort and convenience.

Among all, is the most favourite app used for laundry and other home services like house cleaning, car wash, plumbing, carpentry, water tank cleaning, bike service and more. Just in a few clicks to taps, your clothes will be washed and delivered in days. With a least price in the market, you can also enjoy flat discounts on every order. Hence, let professional laundry be your choice.